About Us

Hello, and welcome to the Call Stands! We’re a college football betting show based out of Southern California. On the Call Stands you won’t find betting models or next-level statistics, but what you will find is a couple of dudes who love to bet specifically on college football. We’ll plead our cases, use our guts, and hopefully find you an edge!

A few weeks into the season we hope our individual and combined records are above .500. If that’s the case, tail us and win some beer money. When we stumble (believe me, we will stumble) we hope you fade us, and roll with the opposite picks. A trend is a trend after all.

At the end of the day this show stems from a couple of college football fans getting our opinions out there for the world to hear! I mean the internet could use a few more of those, right? Let’s have a fun season, complain about back door covers, and hopefully make a few bucks along the way. So sit back, enjoy the banter, and place some bets!

Until next time…Pass, Play or Fade


Q: What is the Call Stands?
A: We’re a podcast dedicated to betting on college football.

Q: Do you know what you’re talking about?
A: Pass

Q: No, really. Do you guys know your stuff?
A: We know as much about college football as anyone who watches and bets on a lot of football. No, you’ll never hear us talk about the injury status of a second-string interior lineman, but you will hear us breakdown teams and games using our heads, our gut, and with the eye-test.

Q: Where can I find your picks?
A: Tune into our podcast every week and listen! You can find our episodes on SoundcloudiTunes, or Google Play.

Q: So who are you guys?
A: Duva is programmer based out of Orange County, and Marco is a marketer in the San Diego area.

Q:  How do you make your picks? Do you have a betting model?
A: There is no betting model…because they don’t produce consistent results! We make picks based on the same info you can get on your own, and we let our records define us.

Q: Why should I trust you?
A: We’ll never ask you blindly follow our picks. Just hear us out, and follow along with the results. Every week, we make a few individual picks and a few consensus picks. Hopefully we get on a roll and you can ride us, or we stumble a bit and you can fade away. Our feelings won’t be hurt.

Q: How much do you guys bet?
A: We won’t get into specific dollar amounts, but we get the same joy and anguish from a $5 bet to a $500 bet.

Q: What if I have more questions or suggestions?
A: Feel free to reach out to us directly through our Contact Us page, or visit us on Facebook and Twitter.